Podiatry Exam Chair by HNT Medical

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6POD49 PDF Flyer:

Product Overview


HNT Medical 6000 series Exam Chair is designed to provide a positioning and comfortable support for patients during general examinations and procedures by qualified medical professionals.Please read all operating instructions, safety information, and maintenance requirements stated in this manual before using the chair. This booklet includes all necessary information for the use and operation of the 6000 series Exam Chair. Please make this booklet available to all operators of the chair and be familiar with the functions and risks that may be encountered while operating the chair. 


Intended Use 

This power exam chair is primarily used in examination rooms for general examinations and minor procedures.  The wide range of positioning provided for by powered motors allow for extensive patient positioning and comfort for most examinations and procedures performed in the doctor’s office.   


The hand control provided with the chair provides ease of access to easily adjust the backrest, leg rest, as well as the height positioning feature.  An optional patient and nurse controller set attached to the chair for quick and accessible access includes extra features such as light, foot peddle motion, trendelenburg positioning and nurse lock features for safe use.  The table height can be adjusted from 19” to 38.5”.  In addition to these power positioning features, several manual adjustments are available. 


  1. The (optional) articulating armrest can be manually adjusted using the clamp actionlock levers to adjust in and out positioning. 

  1. The table is designed to accommodate a maximum patient weight of 700 lbs*.   


  • Foot controller  

  • Nurse controller (Flexible patient panel)  

  • IV Pole  

  • Exam Light Ri-Magic 

  • USB power  

  • Battery Back up