Surgiline 3000 Bicakcilar OR Table Made in USA by HNT Medical

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  • Surgiline 3000 Bicakcilar OR Table Made in USA by HNT Medical
  • Surgiline 3000 Bicakcilar OR Table Made in USA by HNT Medical


Surgiline 3000 Bickacilar OR Table Made in USA by HNT Medical: 

There are many features required when seeking a surgical table in today’s exhaustive surgical operation settings.  When reviewing the extensive surgical positions required, the single most differentiating feature required in a surgical table is its smooth and versatile functionality as well as its available accessories.  Almost like an iPhone with its exhaustive applications, the best surgical table of today has the best engineered designs which enable not just accessories, but smooth swap-outs and interchangeable features.  Specifically speaking, a design which has too many adjustments, forces unnecessary man-hours to correctly set up the table for each surgical operation.  Good engineering enables simplistic, sturdy and smooth alterations and variations without too much handling.  The Surgiline 3000 is one table that not just offers extensive surgical positions but has smooth integrated options for quick and safe positioning of the patient along with intuitive design and control features for the physician’s ease of use. 

Intelligent controls make it easy to use.  The Surgiline 3000 intuitive hand control has an easy-to-read display for easy recognizable positioning.  The battery backup makes for uninterrupted use when faced with power outages.  Further, when backup battery power is exhausted, the manual override system allows for a manual foot pedal to continue smooth hydraulic operations in emergency conditions.  All of these control features are not only standard, they are necessary.  This is not, all.  Intelligent and intuitive controls are necessary, but without versatility, useless.

Smooth versatility simply increases efficiency and usability.  From removable and modular leg section, a four-section table top, kidney elevation, and power slide, all patient positioning, radiolucent accessibility and C-arm access becomes effortless.  In today’s operating room environment swapping tables is not only inefficient, it is costly and unacceptable.  The tables accessories must align with the needs of the physicians and the functionality required to ensure physician success in the operating room—this, of course, enhances the patients’ results.

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