Internation Physician Exchange Tour

Interested in traveling to Jerusalem and touring Israel?  

I will be taking physicians and staff throughout the region on many different tours along with visiting and meeting with fellow physicians in Jerusalem's largest Hospital (service partnering and on-call activities are based on need--not all clinics participate).

Everyone these days seems to have heard of Israel and Jerusalem, but to travel there with the plethora of historical significance is different.  From the actual tombs of Abraham, the birthsite of Jesus, John the baptists villiage and the Jordan River, to the Dead Sea south and the Golan north, the land is full of adventure, controversy, prophecy and passion.  

Whether you are interested in service, exploration, spiritual renewal, or just plain site seeing; this is the location and the time to visit Israel.  On point with the Jewish Holidays (and therefore the service need for physicians who are not available) the festivals are lively and silent all at the same time.  When traveling on the Festival dates there are precious few sites open to the public.  But, when visiting the Temple Mount or the Western Wall, it is difficult to find a place to stand.  

Truly, the confusion abounds.  You are traveling to the Middle East, where deserts rule the ground--little to no water, droughts are prevelent throughout Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc., but not in Israel.  Israel has a desalinization plant pumping water into the Sea of Galilee providing the bulk of fresh water for the nation.  

Even more baffeling are the religions which seem to consolidate and conglomerate right in the epicenter of the world at the Temple Mount.  Judaism, Islam and Christianity find there way to this central site for a myriad of biblical, historical and prophetic implications that reverberate through the nation as we know it...and it is exciting to be there!!!

Simply discussing the conundrums of the land falls flat.  It is imperative to visit and absorb it practically, intellectually and spiritually.  It is nearly a human mandate to visit this land and see what it is all about.

I hope you find the time to join me on this once in a lifetime adventure.  This trip will not leave you without strong emotion to carry with you.  You will be provoked.  It truly is thought provoking and life altering.  I hope you join.

-- Jonathan



April 7-17 or Oct 1- Oct 11

Includes 9 night stay IBIS Hotels


*$4999/person by March 1, 2020  After March 1, 2020 rate increased to $7999/person

10% spouse reduced rate | 20% referral reduced rate | 20% Capital Equipment Donation reduced rate



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