6000 Series ENT Chair

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Product Overview


HNT Medical 6000 series ENT Exam Chair is ergonomically designed with plush seating lumbar support to provide a comfortable patient experience during ENT procedures by qualified medical professionals. The 19” low entry height, 700lb weight capacity, barrier free entry with easily removable side rests, hand control, dual side controllers, 359 degree rotation, Emergency CPR release and optional exam light are some of the most frequently requested physician and customer requests for ENT exam chairs.




HNT Medical 6000 series ENT Exam Chair is designed to provide positioning and comfortable support for
patients during ear, nose and throat procedures by qualified medical professionals.

The ENT power exam chair is primarily used in examination rooms for general ear, nose and throat (ENT)
examinations and minor procedures. The wide range of positioning provided for by three powered motors
allows for extensive patient positioning and comfort for most examinations and procedures performed in
the doctor's office. The backrest controller provides ease of access for practitioners at the side of the
backrest for quick control and necessary adjustments for ophthalmologists, optometrists and general
physicians during minor surgical or operational and diagnostic procedures. The tapering back allows for
close access to the ear, nose and throat region. The plush or seamless seating, articulating footrest for
comfort of patient and the ADA compliant low seat height with extra weight capacity offers ENT
practitioners and patients everything they need for safe and comfortable use.

The hand control provided with the chair provides ease of access to easily adjust the backrest, leg rest, as
well as the height positioning feature. The table height can be adjusted from 19” to 38.5”. In addition to
these power positioning features, several manual adjustments are available.